Bangladesh. DAY 8- The Downside of being a Celebrity


We went to a local market; the faint smell of fresh chilies was mixed with the earthy tones of burlap sacks filled with potatoes.  

As if on cue, we all split up to try and capture our respective moments.  It was here that I felt what it must feel like to be a celebrity. We were probably one of the few tourists ever to stop there and I quickly amassed quite a crowd of curious on-lookers. Everywhere I went I was followed by 10 -20 curious locals, all asking me my name and my nationality or asking to have their photo taken. “Trump! Trump?!”

            (my entourage)

For a portrait photographer this is, perhaps a dream.  But having an entourage can be very counter-productive to capturing spontaneous moments, feelings, and emotions. I decided to put my cameras down, grab a chai, and watch the world go by.

Lunch/Dinner: Chicken Biriyani

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