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In essence, I would consider myself a street and a travel photographer. The difference among these two is subtle, but defined. Travel photography centers around the story of the place through photos that show off the environment or the city, through landscapes, monuments or landmarks. Street photography is more a study on people and about capturing unique moments in time: Travel is the place, while street is the human element. The real purpose of my artistic work is capturing a human moment rooted in the context of a specific place or culture –the perfect marriage between street and travel photography. 


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Chillin' Like a Villain

“Xe Om” or “Motorbike Hug” is basically a motorbike taxi. This means of transport is usually driven by a casually dressed older man. Xe Om drivers can be found all over town. They are the guys sitting and sometimes lying on their scooters on most corners smoking and waiting for customers.

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Hustle and Bustle

A street vendor sits on a corner all day watching the world go by.

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Family Lunch

The Vietnamese relationship with dogs is interesting. Historically, often used as a food source (especially in the North), the custom is falling out of “flavor” especially as the newer generations are adopting more “western” palates.  Others in the Vietnamese society treat dogs as purely guardian animals in their houses. These poor animals are often chained to short leashes and never allowed to run free. This lucky dog obviously has owners that feel very different.

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Morning Chores

A woman sweeps her yard in the early morning hours in Hanoi. 
I have always loved framing my photos using natural elements. Here is a good example of that.

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Alley 24

Much of Saigon is an intricate maze of dark alleyways leading to homes. Often not mapped, it really does take a local to find your way around.

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Waiting for John

Along the busy areas in Saigon, massage girls beckon tourists as they pass. Unlike Bangkok, the sex industry is less overt, but certainly does exist.

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Street “therapists” line the streets of Saigon offering an array of traditional medicine practices from massage to “cupping”– at usually $2-$3 dollars a session. I have tried it before, not unpleasant but the bruises it causes can last for weeks. 

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Young teens will often hang out around coffee shops offering patrons cheap shoe shines.

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Street Cuts

A streetside barber offers everything from haircuts and shaves to earwax cleaning.

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Working Women

I love the juxtaposition of the vendor in traditional attire and the silhouette of the woman in modern business clothes.

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Approximately 14,000 people lose their lives each year in Vietnam as a result of road traffic accidents. Motorcyclists account for a high proportion (approximately 59%) of the road traffic collisions in the country. WHO estimates that road traffic injuries are the leading cause of death for those aged 15-29 years old in Vietnam. Many of Vietnam’s existing road safety laws are either not comprehensive in their scope, or are poorly enforced. 

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Board meeting

Cardboard recyclers take a break next to the day’s haul.

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An interesting and contrasting composition of subject and background.

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Belly Tat

A most unusual and oddly placed tattoo.

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Night Owls

The concept of working “9-to-5” does not apply to many Vietnamese. You can find people working at all hours, day or night, year-round.

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The Tailor

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