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Bangladesh. Day 10- Transformation and Goodbyes

We took over the lobby at a 5-star hotel feeling a bit awkward, yet grateful, around the plush furniture, perfumed air and air-conditioning.  For 10 days, we had basically “roughed” it, guerilla style, with modest

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Bangladesh. DAY 7- Dreamscape

The next morning the roads to the airport were thick with morning mist; this offered an amazing opportunity to take photos of farmers walking through this eerie, dreamy landscape. We found our way to another

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Bangladesh. Day 5- Hit by a Train (Almost)

Rising early, we headed into the heart of Bogra City. The central Railway Bazar was an amazing opportunity to capture all the busy activity of a market, with the added excitement of avoiding getting hit

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Bangladesh. Day 4- The Girl in Red

After a much-needed sleep-in, day 4 started at the Shaheb Bazar Kacha market.  Part slaughter house, part fish market and part vegetable market.  It was so picturesque that I barely noticed that my feet were

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Bangladesh. Day 1- Man on Fire

“You know they burn people alive there, right?” “They are desperately poor and would do ANYTHING to get your money.” “They’ll lock you into their tuk-tuk, splash gasoline on you and if you don’t pay

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Trường Quốc tế Kenya Bản tin

I was recently honored with the opportunity to be featured in my high school’s newsletter.  While writing about myself I really got to relive some of the best years of my life. Tell us a

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Buổi vấn đáp gần đây với Mads Monsen từ Tạp chí D’Art De Saigon…Anh có thể chia sẻ với độc giả một vài thông tin cơ bản về bản thân cũng như công việc hiện tại? “CHÀNG NGỐC” - Bạn bè lâu

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